Introductory Blog Post

So this here’s the first blog post here at BibleHeroes.Art. Why “BibleHeroes.Art”? Well, first the “.com” is taken. Second, cause art is what we’re making here! We’re striving to make artistically dynamic Bible based coloring pages.

“We” is in fact just “me” and these coloring pages were called “The Heroes of the Bible Coloring Pages”. They’ve been an offshoot of my main art website: ArtistXeroCreations for years now. I had always meant to make a dedicated website for them but never got around to it. A customer suggested that the pages were hard to find, and an easily remembered website would be helpful. So, since I’ve specialized in coloring pages featuring Bible heroes over the years  “BibleHeroes.Art” is born!

As a kid, church was a sanctuary for me, as I was a misfit and an outcast in school. I grew up on Star Wars, comic books, and bible stories. They were all the same to me…heroic people overcoming significant obstacles. As an artist I try to bring the visual excitement of Star Wars and comic books to the tried-and-true stories of the Bible.

I started making the original Heroes of the Bible coloring pages as a reaction to the classic “The Bible is soooo boring” you get from your average kid. Yes, I know there’re entire pages dedicated to “begats” and obscure measurements of temples and such, but the Bible is a vibrant book filled with outstanding characters.

We can approach the Bible in so many ways, as a book of literature, history, genealogy, theology, wisdom, etc. Anyone, from any walk of life, can pick it up and get something out of it. The Bible will never lose its place in human history as “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and “we”, and or just me, will strive to make coloring pages that reflect that greatness!

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